Disposable and biodegradable tableware

Whether you are an on-site or takeaway catering specialist, you will be really pleased with our range of transparent tumblers, cardboard cups and tumblers for hot drinks, plates and place settings!

Find out also about the ADBio collection, the most complete and modern range of 100% compostable, biodegradable tableware.

goebelets boissons chaudes

Cups and tumblers for hot drinks

“Speciality To Go” hot drink cardboard tumblers

Plastic and insulated cups

Plastic tumblers for automatic dispenser

Tumblers for hot drinks in “PLA film” biodegradable cardboard


Transparent tumblers

PP and PS tumblers

Long drink glasses, tasting glasses (shots), champagne flutes

Wine goblets with base, wine glasses without base

PLA biodegradables tumblers

couvert lux

Place settings

Knives, forks, large spoons and coffee spoons in white PS

Range of premium place settings (transparent, silver, black…)

Set of packaged place settings with napkins (3/1-4/1…), set of biodegradable place settings

Place settings packaged individually

Knives, forks, large spoons and coffee spoons in biodegradable white PLA

Stirrers in plastic (PS) or wood

assortiment assiettes


Round or rectangular cardboard plates (+PE coating)

Plates in biodegradable white bagasse

Plates in palm and trays in biodegradable wood veneer

Insulated plates