Disposable tableware

Choose from a wide choice of colours and material to highlight not only your reception areas and cocktail bars but also, on a day-to-day basis, the tables in your restaurant. Do not hesitate to tell us what you want: the napkins, tablecloths and coasters can be personalised. Contact us!

Tissu Airplaid

Non-woven fabric (Airlaid)

Napkins, 40x40cm folded in 1/8 or ¼, white, coloured or with motifs

Napkin envelopes, 40x40cm folded in 1/8, white or coloured

Table settings, 30x40cm, and settings for two, 40x120cm

Tablecloths in rolls, white or colour, 25x120cm or 40x120cm


Table settings and tablecloths in 100% pure cellulose format

Tablecloths, pre-cut in standard formats (70x70cm, 80x120cm, etc.)

Tablecloths, coloured

Table settings in 30x40cm format, white or coloured (12 colours to choose from)

Setting for two in 40x120cm format, white or coloured (12 colours to choose from)


Napkins in 100% pure cellulose

Table napkins, 33x33cm or 40x40cm, folded in ¼ or 1/8 in 2 or 3ply

Cocktail napkins, 25x25 cm, folded in ¼, in a wide choice of colourings

Snack napkins and dispenser (economical solutions)

sous verres

Coasters and tablemats

Coasters, 100% pure cellulose: various colourings and shapes

Tablemats and absorbent papers

Doilies and flan cases

art de la table