Follow the catering takeaway trend by ordering our sandwich boxes and packs, our meal boxes, our salad boxes, our cardboard cartons for hot and cold dishes...

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barquettes nouilles

Boxes and trays in cardboard

Salad boxes with lid and window in PLA film

“Fuzione” cardboard trays with PET lid

Trays for special foods – nachos, fish and chips, nuggets, etc.

boite sandwich

Bags and boxes for sandwiches

Transparent PP bags, kraft and mixed bags

Bags for bread and pastries

Boxes for baguettes and club sandwiches

Bagel box and hamburger boxes

food to go

Jars and containers 

Cardboard cartons with lid for hot and cold dishes

Containers and boxes for tortillas and wraps

“PastaBox” pasta cartons

Chip boxes

delight box


Boxes for confectionery and pastries

Boxes for cakes and cupcakes

Boxes for children’s meals