Verrine glasses and cocktails

Give your most original creations the presentation they deserve. Innovative and attractive, our range of verrine glasses is updated in line with culinary trends!

verrine dessert

Verrine glasses

“Mouthful” 4-6cl verrine glasses

Chinese spoons for appetisers

20cl dessert verrine glasses

Mini plates for tastings

Plinths and table displays for verrine glasses also available

plateau repas premium

Containers for snacking and premium takeaway

Salad bowls with or without lid

Top of the range plates in original shapes and textures

Meal trays with bespoke containers

Bento boxes and lunch box

verrines naturelles

Natural and biodegradable verrine glasses

Verrine glasses in white bagasse

Verrine glasses in bamboo

Traditional glass jars

Kebab skewers in bamboo (wide choice of shapes)

Verrines and Cocktails

Verrines et cocktails

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